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Beverly Homes is Located at Loma De Gato , Marilao Bulacan

No one likes spending too much time in traffic. At the same time, no one would choose to live in an area where space will be a problem. These two concerns – congestion and traffic – are things families can do without in their everyday lives. The good news is a residence in Beverly Homes takes you away from these concerns and provides you the opposite of them – an easier time travelling and lots of space for your family.

Unlike other properties outside of Metro Manila, Beverly Homes won’t take too much of your time when it comes to travelling. The estimated time of travel to the metro is just 30 minutes, due to the property’s convenient location near NLEX. With this benefit in your hands, you can easily get to your workplace in the city and come back home in no time at all. As a result, you can be productive with your work while you can be assured you have a great place to go home to in this property.

Even if you do not own a motor vehicle, getting in and out of Beverly Homes is no problem at all. There is a wide range of public transportation modes readily available to serve you. These buses, jeepneys, vans, and tricycles are always there to bring you to where you need to be in a moment’s notice. With the help of these forms of public transportation, you won’t need to change your daily routine to compensate for the distance.

A home won’t be complete if it is lacking with the basic supplies you need every day. It’s a good thing you can easily obtain these supplies from nearby establishments that cater to your needs. Places like SM City Marilao, Puregold, and a wide range of public markets ensure everything you may need to keep your home complete is at the tip of your fingers. Unlike in the metro, you can accomplish all your errands in a short span of time.

Along with workplaces and commercial establishments, there are also a lot of reasons to stay in Beverly Homes for your family. There are a lot of schools, places of worship, and recreational facilities that ensure your time will be well-spend in this area. And since all of these places are within close proximity to your residence in Beverly Homes, you need not lose a lot of time in travelling. With this surplus of time, you can spend more of it with the people who matter most to you.

As the say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Here in Beverly Homes, distance won’t definitely make your life a lot worse. As a matter of fact, you can get to life a life far from the congested environment of the metro. With the advantage of location at your side, there’s no stopping you from living your dream life here in Beverly Homes.

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