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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Catherine Model - Bare Type ₱ 732, 000 Lot Area : 38 sqm / Floor Area : 26 sqm
Catherine Model - Complete Type ₱ 782,000 Lot Area : 51 sqm / Floor Area : 38 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Lot Area: 50 sqm
Floor Area: 51 sqm
PRICE- P 1, 189,440
Reservation Fee-P 10, 000
Required Down payment-P 109, 440(payable in 18 months)
Loanable Amount -P 1, 070,000
Pag-Ibig Monthly Amortization:
30 yrs. P 7, 108
Lot Area: 77 sqm
Floor Area: 51 sqm
PRICE- P 1, 581,440
Reservation Fee -P 10, 000
Required Down payment - P 321, 440(payable in 18 months)
Loanable Amount - P 1, 250,000
Pag-Ibig Monthly Amortization:
20 yrs.P 9, 680
30 yrs.P 8, 304


Why Should You Buy Beverly Homes

Having a home that balances out all the important aspects of your life is not impossible. In fact, there’s one waiting for you in Beverly Homes. There’s a wide range of residential units that cater to your specific needs at a reasonable price. And the savings doesn’t even end there because its accessibility to important roads and the city itself mean more time and money for your family. With its handy location, your lifestyle is maintained, your budget won’t be affected, and you have a great place to call your own. Furthermore, you’ll also be placed near all the important establishments. There’s no need to spend a lot of time behind the wheel because everything you need is just minutes away from your home.

Along with its location, Beverly Homes offer several amenities you can’t find in the metro. With these amenities, you can spend your free time having fun in a safe area. Your way of living will surely be enhanced with all of these benefits near you.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, especially if you’re working hard for the future of your loved ones. Reward all your hard work with a home in this property. After doing so, you’ll never look back in regret because of a new life in Beverly Homes.

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